Saturday, February 21, 2009

One Slowdance

I pulled this from some old notebooks I was going through and wanted to put it up somewhere again. By the way, I desperately miss Rufio. They had such an amazing sound. *Tears*


She keeps a clothesline around her neck
In what she will claim is just an attempt
At keeping you honest, at keeping you at bay
But the look in her eyes might say love, but it spells contempt

She's the kind of girl that will ruin you life
Half way down the block before she thinks twice
One look, turn the corner to see you sweat
If ever you thought different, it was never tonight

Give a 99.9 or less than your share
Anything less than one-oh-one means nothing at all
Can't live with, but won't let live without
Remember, I warned you, she said "remember I cared"

This isn't addiction, it's a sign of despair
Relinquish control? What control was ever there?
It's her pacification and claims to try and help
The self-satiation seeps from her skin

She'll state it quite clear, quiet though it may seem
She's lining the docket with all of these things
Coordinating her purpose and your ill advice
With out a word or whimper, she'll slip into the night

You'll wake up one day, with it all laid out plain
She's taken your will and you'll never be the same
With her, it's give all you have, there is us and not you
Until the day that you wake and you realize it's through

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