Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kings & Queens

falling into you again

these feelings are repetitious.
ive known them before, ill soon know them again.
factory produced and mass manufactured.
a feeling of satisfaction and overwhelming resentment.
i can't control this outpouring of utter devotion.
i love you and i hate you all the same.
you do this to me, only you can do this to me.
im stronger than this, im so feeble it scares me.
brittle and broken. trust me, i cant trust a thing.
open me up with a butter knife, see what inhuman looks like.
stolen pieces of broken hearts and sharp objects i dare not touch.
cauterized with a hot iron and closed up with tape.
hold me together with pins and needles for one more day.
hold me together for one more day.
hold me together.
hold me.

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