Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth

After nearly a month of planning it out, the boys and I are hitting Atlantic City this weekend. We plan on getting on the road right after work today and to put it plainly, I couldn't be more 'cised'.

It's not so much of the actual events that will unfold upon getting to AC, but more of the feeling of adventure and road tripping that has me so excited. Given the very nature of these experiences, I love road trips. I actually feel deprived that I haven't been on one in nearly 6 months. At one point in my life 6 weeks was the longest span I could go without feeling the urge to feast on the raw emotional surge that accompanies such treks.

There is a hardly a feeling that compares to that which presents itself when first embarking on a road trip. It is a equal parts concoction of all things magical in life. A fusion of known and unknown which may serve as a reflection and microcosm of life itself. It is the journey itself, regardless of the fruits it may bear at its conceivable endpoint, that holds the most value. While the results may be far below or above expectations, the thrill of reaching the destination and the curiosity of what may lie ahead is what holds the most value in a road trip. That simple truth is not unlike the reality of life in general.

Enjoy the ride.

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