Monday, December 15, 2008

Music is my hot hot sex

Music, and more generally art, is so so vital to the survival of a exposed and weathered soul. At its most basic level, music helps to communicate from one heart to another the idea that you are not alone in an emotion and that someone else has felt this way before. For those of less articulate and outwardly expressive it is an illustration of emotions and thoughts we otherwise would have left buried and broken in a simple lack of outlet. In the brutal climate of today's emotional stage, youth and adult rely on music as an emotional crutch of sorts. With almost consistent exposure to violence, pain, and heartbreak along with the notions of ecstasy in the smallest of victories and depression in the smallest of defeats, music is the shield all of us can use to heal or avoid. Personally I cannot imagine an escape more liberating or sheltering than that which I find in music. My emotions and grief would have well overtaken me if I had no such aid as music provides for me.

The love of music never fades or falters. She is a mother, a father, a sibling, a friend, and a lover. Music is my hot hot sex.

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