Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fast Blood

Prompt: Paul Simon was going to Graceland, Toto blessed the rains down in Africa – what place would you write a song about?

My song about Atlantic City, New Jersey? Hardly...

So it's the most recent trip I've taken and therefore the first destination that came to mind. Perhaps hardly worth a song as it's the younger, uglier, mentally deficient brother of Vegas. It is however, a temporary escape from the average and normal for thousands of East Coast, 9 to 5, corporate refugees who just want a taste of a different life.

Plus it's one hell of a road trip...

New Jersey smells like garbage,
that is, until you hit the 322.
because when you're Atlantic City bound
you've only got gambling and boozing to do.

If you hit the tables and bleed clay
you become slightly less stoked
to paraphrase James Murphy:
AC i love you, but you're making me broke.

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